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Saturday, April 16, 2005

this weeks top ten

ok so hears a list of 10 awesome tracks that you should all get if you dont already and then once you ahve them/already own them then play them lots and lots and lots!!!!

1. Accidentally In Love - Counting Crows
2. This Time Around - Hanson
3. Friend called Fred - Spunge
4. Keasbey Nights - Catch 22
5. Once In A Lifetime - Dragonforce
6. Hope Is The Enemy - The Trend
7. Question Everything - 8stops7
8. Ghosts - Dexter Freebish
9. The Blowers Daughter - Damien Rice
10. Remember To Breathe - Dashboard Confessional

broaden your horizons and listen to a new band this week. =)

happy mood? listen to spunge, catch or counting crows

thoughtful? the trend, damien rice

great songs? lol dexter freebish and hanson!!!

ok i cant put the others in catergories. just listen.and you can make your mind up about them yourself.

and then come see hanson with us next time they come :p

....was worth a try....not

anyway on week back at school has already taken its toll on me so im keep this post fairly short. ie im going to stop it.....


ps. boys are stupid throw rocks at them ;p

pps. just for angus - hanson are better than feeder any day of the week :D

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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Monday, March 28, 2005

gig last night = bare spafe

(bare spafe is the most fun phrase and we will make you all say it all the time) i was so blown away last nite that i was lieterally speech less by the end...well for at least 5 seconds. lol started in the queue at about 1pm (some had been there since 1am - loonies) met some cool people wrote bits in the journal that was passed along the line, got free chocolate eggs from random foreign girls and visited maccy d's a bit too many times! at about 10 to 7 the queue finally started moving in. was at the astoria which we have now decided is a really cool venue. not too big not too small and a weird spaceshippy thing in the middle lol. quickly bought a t-shirt which i intend to customise as its well a bit boring otherwise lol first act were a band called farrah who were really good. had heard one song before hand on itunes(was free) and they impressed us and def got the crowd going easily. plus they have a chick as their bassist!!!! lol
anyway moving at i dunno bout 9ish hanson came on and our eardrums burst with the screaming (still got a throbbing headache!) they played the most awesome set imaginable including covers of radiohead-optimistic and ACDC - its a long way to the top. Did all our favourites and hearing them electric this time was just so cool although incredibly loud. we were leaning on this kinda bar and it was vibrating so much i thought it was gonna break and we'd just fall on the crowd infront. to top it off in their double encore they did my all time favourite song 'a song to sing'. i dont no how another gig will ever top this but to me thats just an invitation to go to lots more gigs and see if they can!!
Oooh ooh forgot at the very end when hanson had left he stage and people were starting to leave we all suddenly heard someone talking into the mike and so looked round and saw simon from popworld!! he does love them!!!! he was just like yeh go hanson and go to the gig on thursday at the mean fiddler and watch t4 on sunday! but hes so cool! so yeh me and rach now love simon too!

hehe well if ive managed to convince any of you that u now want to come see a hanson gig go on thursday cos itll be just as great. and youd be surprised at how many guys there were. we're talkign 60:40!!!! lol have a good hols guys oh and good luck to all of those who are whooshing off to russia tomoro. dont get killed please :p

Saturday, March 26, 2005

whats the best way to scare the shit out of your customers?

pass out in front of them!!!

yup i have exceeded myself in weirdness this time! Went into work not feeling great but nothing unusual. about half one i was on the tills on my own and everything started going really blurry and couldnt really hear very well. suddenly felt someone lowering me down. Id passed out and lukily carrie had noticed i wasnt looking right and got there before i fell!! So they sent me home and now im bored. but my bro is being nice and finding all the OC episodes ive missed so i can watch them and catch up! no gig for me tonite me thinks. gotta keep my strength!

HANSON tomoro!! :p gonna be awesome! and ive promised rachael and liz i wont pass out at this one. so hopefully ive already got it out of my system or sumthing!! my brother reckons that hanson are like a virus. so maybe i just get hansonitis whenever theres a gig. lol

Glad its the holidays everyone? im glad cos it means more lie ins but annoyed cos now exams are gettin really close and its scary. and i no i dont no half the shit i should do. so basically im gnna fuck these exams up totally!! oh well. only affects the rest of my life lol

Oh and i recommend you all go buy lifehouse's new album (self titled) its greeeeeat! Oh and as always listen to some hanson :p have a good week or so! and HAPPY EASTER! dont eat so much chocolate that ur tummy hurts cos i did that on weds and it hurt lots and lots :(

la de dah de dah


Sunday, February 13, 2005

its that time of the year again! lent! yup pancake day has been and gone and now its time to give up up up!! so what will i be giving up....
chocolate? well any of you who know me in the slightest know my daily diet is based mainly around this gorgeous food and so giving it up would be equal to feeding me to a pack of dogs after attaching bits of fresh meat to my clothes and not feeding the for 2 weeks....in short id die...
truffles? this was my challenge last year which despite being threatened to be broken within a few days due to spangus giving me them for my birthday i managed to get through and personally was quite proud of. the binge at the end was awesome :p
hmm booze? a not so popular choice perhaps but tbh this would not be much of a challenge anyway. i dont drink very often altho when i do give me one bottle and im off in my own little world for the rest of the evening.
cigarettes? if you ever catch me smoking please kill me quicker than the fags will..
school? well apparently thats what bens done! lol and however tempting it is to follow in his footsteps i dont think my parents would be quite so understanding *hears parents* "we did warn you hannah" *parents hand over disowning papers* are there such things as disowning papers? like divorce but divorcing your parents instead! awesome!

not guessed yet? well this year ive decided to give up caring what other people think of me. if you want to hate me then i guess this is the best time to do it...apparently many of you have already taken me up on this generous offer. my aim for this challenge? to be happier. without being so self conscious the whole time i mite actually have time to think about the more happy things in my life instead of whose bitching about me. whats the point in worrying about what people think of you as long as you’re happy what you're doing? we spend too much time worrying and too little time doing so we just end up thinking our life’s a total mess and if we think about it we've probably made it out to be much worse because we've over thought things. i know i'm guilty of this. And unfortunately we could probably avoid most of the mess we cause. But nope we just go right ahead and screw things up time and time again.

But maybe this isn’t actually our fault. In psychology the other day my ipod had ran outta battery so i was actually listening for once and it was quite interesting. We were discussing how the first relationship you form (usually with your mother) acts a s a template for all future relationships. So if u have a good warm caring relationship then ul try and have similar ones when u grow up. If it’s a bad relationship ul often reject people and this can cause you to turn into an attachment type known as insecure – disorganised. Anyway we were also told about how when you first go into a room full of people you immediately look for people like you. this is almost always sub-conscious and we just decided there and then whether we like someone. Something inside us can tell if the other person is like us. if you are messed up then ur inner radar will look for other people that are similar to you. so become attracted to them and things fuck up and you wonder why. And then you do it again in the next relationship. And you cant help it because its just the template inside you telling you how to form a relationship. Seems unfair really. that without really really thinking about everything and sussing out every new person you meet ul muck up several times and get hurt several times before u finally find the person u click with. All that pain. Guess al we can really do is sit and wait for the rollercoaster to end. Is it really worth it?

sorry ive blabbed on a bit i was feeling pensive or sumshit. if you did read it then thanx i guess!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

lifes a funny thing isnt it?

never ceases to amaze me
just keeps jumping out with surprises
doesnt often take into consideration wat the consequences will be
until oohps somethings gone wrong.
but occasionally things do go right
i think i sometimes forget to be more grateful for the good things
cos maybe if i was
id be able to deal better with the worse things
and id learn from mistakes quicker
the other day all i wanted was to go back in time
go back to when everything was happy
i was happy
but i also dont think i would do things that differently
cos well im not really that much of a different person
so id probably make the same mistakes
but just to feel that happiness
just for a few minutes again
would be great...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat
please put a penny in the old mans hat
if u havent got a penny a hap'ney will do
if u havnt got a hap'ney then god bless you!!